Common middleware platforms rely on a class-based object model. However, this model introduces several dependencies that are disadvantageous for distributed systems. The family of class-less delegation-based languages offers an alternative object model with lesser such dependencies. dSelf is an extension to the delegation and prototype-based object-oriented language SELF. It adds distributed objects and transparent remote reference resolution to the language. In consequence, dSelf facilitates distributed inheritance and instantiation mechanisms.

Current material on dSelf:

  • Robert Tolksdorf, Kai Knubben: dSelf -- A Distributed SELF, KIT-Report 144, Technische Universität Berlin. 2001.
  • Robert Tolksdorf and Kai Knubben. Programming Distributed Systems with the Delegation-based Object-Oriented Language dSelf , In Proceedings of SAC’02 - ACM 2002 SYMPOSIUM ON APPLIED COMPUTING, Technical Track on ”Programming Languages and Object Technologies”. 2002.
  • The current dSelf 1.1.2. To compile the dSelf sources you need: CUP, JFlex, JavaDeps
  • To avoid problems with the installation we recommend to unpack the jar file and to start the respective batch-scripts to start the dself system.