To be held at ESTC 2007, in Vienna, Austria, May 31, 2007

Space Based Computing as Semantic Middleware for Enterprise Application Integration


Space based computing (SBC) is an innovative and powerful concept for the coordination of autonomous processes. It is based on the notion of a common, abstract space connecting distributed processing entities over a network. Instead of explicitly exchanging messages or performing remote procedure calls, processes communicate and coordinate themselves by simply reading and writing distributed data structures in a shared space. Synchronization is carried out through the access of data in space which might block, if the denoted data are not yet here. The wake up occurs on data driven basis supporting event-driven architecture conceptions. This leads to a decoupling of all participants concerning time, space and reference. The space inherently offers the advantages of state-full communication, transactional security, asynchrony, near-time event notification, scalability and software-fault tolerance through replication. 

A space offers a high level abstraction for developers hiding complexity that otherwise would be reflected in the application code thus reducing development time and costs in distributed applications. It offers a lean application programming interface but nevertheless exhibits a high expressiveness.

The SBC paradigm was originally applied for parallel computing and dates back on the invention of the Linda model by David Gelernter in the late 1980s. Since then, many facets of spaces have been proposed and research has shown that promising new technologies, such as Semantic Web, Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), mobile computing, GRID computing, robotics, and agent technologies, require new approaches towards distributed systems that can profit from SBC. Nonetheless, the paradigm is currently not known enough to a broad audience and SBC approaches have not yet gained enough industrial attention. 

The workshop aims at studying the paradigm in the context of semantic middleware for enterprise application integration, exchanging about current developments and applications. It has the goal of raising awareness and visibility of the SBC paradigm in industry, to showcase solutions, to point out ways of how SBC can be exploited by industry and unfold its power in commercial applications and projects, and to build a community for researchers, developers and users. As a midterm goal, it wants to see a convergence of space based platforms in order to include SBC into current EAI standardization effort.

Call for Papers

This workshop seeks papers studying and discussing the space based computing paradigm in the context of semantic middleware for enterprise application integration to exchanging about current developments and applications experiences and challenges. The papers contents shall promote the paradigm to industry at ESTC and to start community building. 

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 

All submission must be oriented towards the uptake of the paradigm in industry, which excludes purely theoretical work. Submissions are welcome from both industry and research practitioners. Accepted submissions will be invited to give a presentation at the workshop.


Workshop submissions will be electronic, in PDF format only at the submission site We invite submissions of papers with a maximum length of 6 pages (including figures, references and appendices). Submissions must conform to Springer's LNCS format. Guidelines and templates are available on the web here. Papers will be published in an accompanying online proceedings. Online demonstrations are also welcome. Please provide a link to your online demonstration with your submission.


15:30 A Distributed Triple Space Implementation. Johannes Riemer, Martin Murth, Eva Kühn
16:15 Business Use Cases for a Space Based Middleware Marcus Mor
17:00 Using Triple Spaces to Implement a Marketplace Pattern  David de Francisco, Javier Martínez Elicegui, Daniel Martin, Martin Murth, Daniel Wutke

Important dates

Deadline for paper submission: 4 May 2007
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 14 May 2007
Submission of CRC: 21 May 2007
Workshop: 31 May 2007, 14:00 - 17:00

The workshop will be held Thursday, May 31st 2007 as part of the European Semantic Technology conference in Vienna, Austria. Please refer to the conference site for all organisational issues.

Organizing committee

Program committee


The event is supported by the EU STREP TripCom, the EU Network of Excellence KnowledgeWeb, the EU Network of Excellence Rewerse, the ESSI Working Group on Space-based Computing