To be held at ESTC 2007, in Vienna, Austria, May 31 - June 1, 2007

Making Semantics Work For Business

co-located with Business Aspects of Semantic Technologies (BAST)


The goal of the MSWFB workshop is to promote the wider use of semantics in businesses. The vision of the Semantic Web is of machine-processable data which can be distributed across wide area networks and used by computer agents to perform tasks automatically and dynamically. Today's business processes are often very labour-intensive and error-prone, and this vision appeals to the needs to automate processes and interpret and validate the data that they contain. Re-engineering of enterprise IT solutions is a necessity in today's rapidly changing business markets to maintain competitiveness. Hence in this workshop we address how businesses can apply semantics in their IT processes to gain from the Semantic Web vision.


The workshop will be held Thursday, May 31st 2007 as part of the European Semantic Technology conference in Vienna, Austria. Please refer to the conference site for all organisational issues.
Our planned agenda is as follows:

Organizing committee

Program committee


The event is supported by KnowledgeWeb, the EU funded Network of Excellence on Realizing the Semantic Web

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