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Kolloquium "The Gnowsis Semantic Desktop"

Datum: 25.04.2005, 14:00 bis 16:00
Vortragende(r): Leo Sauermann (DFKI - Deutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz)
Ort: FU-Berlin, Institut für Informatik, Takustrasse 9, 14195 Berlin, Raum SR 055
Abstract: Tim Berners-Lee asked the Semantic Web community several times to "Build what is possible". We think that in anticipation of a world-wide Semantic Web, we have to use the technology on a single PC. Modern operating systems provide stone-age support for Personal Information Management. Linking the photo of a person to the address book entry of the same person is not possible as the system does not know the concept of persons, needless to say that one file cannot be placed in two folders. A categorization scheme (created in the file structure) cannot be used to organize bookmarks or emails - we always have to recreate our mental models again and again. This talk is about a radical merge of Semantic Web and Personal Computers resulting in the Semantic Desktop. It enables users to build and maintain a network of semantic links between resources, cross-application and cross-media. Existing data sources are converted into the Resource Description Framework and what today is known as a file or an email is tomorrow a resource represented in RDF and described through an ontology. The presentation will include our approach to on-the-fly data extraction and integration, based on RDF-Schemas and a Jena based framework. The architecture is implemented in the "www.gnowsis.org" open source project and can be used as a basis for your own work and your information management needs.

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